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Welcome to Mrs. Carnegie's Art Room


Here you will find information on the following: 


  • art courses offered at Lenape Valley

  • LVR Service Art Club

  • upcoming art events

  • Mrs. Carnegie's art gallery 

  • a list of courses that I teach

  • my educational philosophy

  • class happenings for all of my art courses 

  • class calendars

  • contact information

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  Thank you for taking the time to visit today.


    "What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?"


                                                                ~Vincent Van Gogh                                                                                                                                                       

Courses That I Teach-


Art for the School and Beyond

Intro to Digital Photography

Intro to Computer Design

New Media Art


Studio Art


Art Portfolio

My Educational Philosophy-


From an early age, I knew that being an art teacher was my calling.  I feel very fortunate to be able to share my love of art with the students before me each school day.  As an educator, I believe that it is my responsibility to create a learning environment for my students that promotes creativity, individualism, high self-esteem, and the importance of art in this world.  Through my positive actions and encouragement, I want to guide the students in my classes to improve their art skills so that they reach their full potential as artists.  Ultimately, my goal   is to provide my students with rewarding learning experiences that lead them to leave my classroom         with a greater appreciation for art. 

Art Department Grading Procedure-

Please click on the link shown below in order to view the grading procedure for the Lenape Valley Art Department.



Annual Art Events

Teen Arts Festival


During each school year, students' artworks from various art courses are selected to represent Lenape Valley H.S at the Sussex County Teen Arts Festival. This event takes place in March each year and offers students an opportunity to exhibit their artworks for others to see, as well as participate in various art workshops offered.  I am looking forward to taking a number of my art students to this event in the middle of March. 

YAM-  Youth Art Month


Youth Art Month is celebrated in public schools across the nation during the month of March each year.  The focus of YAM is emphasize the value of art education for all children in public schools.  A number of my students' artworks will be selected this year to be put on display as part of the Sussex County Youth Art Month Exhibit.  In addition, the members of the LVR Service Art Club will be creating a YAM Exhibit in the commons area of the high school.  Artworks produced in all art classes will be put on display as part of this exhibit.  A special art activity will be offered to both students and staff during lunch on the first school day in March.  The goal of this activity is to bring out everyone's inner artist as part of the Youth Art Month celebration. 

Sussex YAM Exhibit


As a member of the Art Educators of New Jersey, I am invited each year to submit my students' artworks to be showcased at the Sussex County YAM Exhibit.  A number of pieces will be on display at the exhibit throughout the month of March as part of this annual event.  The students who produced these artworks will be recognized for their artistic achievements in the middle of March at an evening ceremony.  Friends and family members of my art students are invited to attend this event to not only see these young artists get recognized for their talent, but view the artworks representing Lenape Valley as part of the YAM Exhibit as well.

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